Proton Therapy Center Construction on Track

Work is underway at The Proton Therapy Center at Dowell Springs, which will be one of the most advanced centers for cancer treatment in the world.

Proton therapy is a relatively new form of cancer treatment with only 10 centers in the United States. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, the precision of proton therapy targets cancerous tissue and reduces collateral damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

The 87,220 square-foot, two-story facility will have five treatment rooms. Construction will be complete in spring 2013 and patient will begin treatment in early 2014. This substantial project includes:

  • 87,220 square feet
  • 18,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • 1,014 tons of rebar
  • 34.8 miles of conduit
  • 104.7 miles of wire and cable
  • The first of its kind direct-access vault entry doors that weigh over 100,000 lb. per door.
  • Click below to check out the progress of the construction to date.

Check out the progress of the construction to date: