The University of Tennessee (UTK) Volunteer Boulevard Campus Beautification entailed the redevelopment of the Volunteer Boulevard corridor from the UT Drive/Todd Helton intersection on the west side to the Pat Head Summitt intersection on the east side. The project included removal of on street parking to allow bike lanes to be incorporated, along with streetscape elements such as pedestrian and roadway lighting to enhance traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) safety. New improved sidewalks and specialty pavements were added along with Wi-Fi coverage to improve security camera operation adding to student safety. There was also the addition of bio swales to handle first flush storm water requirements. A new pedestrian connection between east side of TREC and Volunteer Boulevard was added as well as raised mid-block pedestrian cross walks. To tie the project all together, enhanced landscaping with irrigation was put in to add that final touch to this phase of the Volunteer Boulevard Campus Beautification project.



Knoxville, TN


Ross Fowler